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Postby Zinthar on Sat Nov 29, 2008 1:58 pm

Hello :)

Here I am : Zinthar, Not my real name but just 1 of many char and nicknames (I have so many nick/char names i've lost count :lol: )

Anyway, I'm a 27 year old guy (who tends to play female chars more than males.......and no, i'm not mentally ill :lol: )
I'm married and have a son who's 4, I also have several pets and hobbys like playing WoW, listening/writing/playing music (I like a lot of things, but at the moment mostly rock and metal), I work as a machine operator and i'm a volunteer at the animal resque.

I try to play as much as possible, but at the moment i can't say if i will be here all the time, sometimes it could be a day several days or a week before i can play because of my irregular working hours. (Ineed to eat and sleep and spent some time with my family also ;) )
If you need help with something you can always ask me, if i have the time and knowledge I'll help you out.

Well that's about it.
See you in game.

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