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Postby Elloën on Mon Nov 24, 2008 8:15 am

1. Be nice to every member.
2. Try to help each other! (info and stuff on bank)

Guildchat is OOC!
there will be made an extra channel for IC talk but im still working on "how it works IC - how can i make it believable"

And i would like, -remember this is not a rule!- that everyone puts in 1h of game time every week.

Spiritblade - GM
Officer - officer of conduct: they may punish you!
Longsword - second officer will be able to demote members on conduct!
3stacks out of GB tab 1 and 1 out of GB tab2 // 3G repair a day
Blade - highest non ranking officer For helpfull members
1stack out of gb tab 1 // 2G repair
Shortsword - a helpfull member 1G repair a day
Dagger - a normal member that has proven to be friendly
Trainingblade - Standard member
Stick - disiplinary (or something) function.

For Raids and Dungeons over lvl30 we will have a master looter - with a dkp system-.
More on this later.

If anyone has suggestions or remarks pls notify me!

Kind regards.
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