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Guildinfo? No YouInfo

Postby Elloën on Tue Nov 18, 2008 7:41 am

hey all,
this is mainly to give you all a chance to introduce yourself and what you stand for.

So i'm Elloën, the Spirit Blade (GM)
I'm 20 and am married with Ilmeya, we live in Flanders,Belgium.
I'm 1m72, dark brown (fairly long) hair and weigh about 52kg. (yeah i'm too thin :D )
I work as a ICT-specialist at N-allo (communications department of Electrabel)
And studieng ICT and managing;
In my Free time, i play WoW, maintain websites and spend as much time as i can with my lovely wife.

so this is me, want to know something extra?
just ask.

also if you want to have discussion about what the guild stands for, this can be done here.

- Elloën
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