Elloën's Blog - A hunters Tale

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Elloën's Blog - A hunters Tale

Postby Elloën on Tue Nov 18, 2008 7:30 am

Hot dust flew past me, blood lay all around me, and Noctra
my shadowcat, was panting beside me, i looked in his eyes and saw
that famous twinkle...

That had only one meaning, killing here was done, more than
40 Iron dwarves lay before me, the bodies pierced with arrows,
cut open by axe and sword, or mutilated by fang and claw.
As i turned to walk away of this killing ground, a dwarf clearly still
alive and full off rage came storming.

"Death!! Blood for my fallen!" his voice Thundered through the air.
Quick as i am, if i may say, i turned and disengaged from combat, landing
20yards away of the raging dwarf. an arrow quickly struck his foot,
leaving him crippled and slowing his process towards me.
Noctra had his fangs and claws all over his back and still he did not fall.
I aimed a shot at his heart, and let another go filled with ancient magic.
the Dwarf still roaring, fell to his knees, but seemed not to care.
his axe was wavering and his blows all missed the agile Noctra.
a last arrow struck him deadcenter on the body,blood sprayed over Noctra,
and even my leggings where colored a little red. even crippled and distracted
he managed to gain at least 12yards,

He died swearing, he died with no chance, no hope, no future just blind rage.
He died as hundreds did before them,
as the hundreds i've killed.
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Re: Elloën's Blog - A hunters Tale

Postby Elloën on Wed Dec 10, 2008 8:45 am

As my strength grew, the challenge became lost...
I wasn't helping, i was outright murdering.
to kill the wicked is my challenge, to deal death from the bow is my life.
Still, to kill these rebels in searing Gorge was like murdering children.
As the last light faded i decided to travel to The city of Stormwind.
There i did some basic shopping for supplies, when my ears got something of interest.
A tale about a dark portal leading towards the land of demons, where our forces
where cornerd and soldiers where thinning.
I travelled far to find this portal, and was shocked when i saw it.
still i stepped trough, Noctra clearly disliking the monstruos thing beside me, stayed close to my side.
once trough, my path became clear once again.
I will help these people to survive, not for them, fame or honor.

But for the thrill of the hunt.
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Re: Elloën's Blog - A hunters Tale

Postby Munguto on Mon Dec 15, 2008 8:41 pm

I like this, it feels like a poem when you read it! Maybe even a ballad or song that would be sung in a tavern :)
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Re: Elloën's Blog - A hunters Tale

Postby Elloën on Thu Dec 18, 2008 9:46 am

Thanks! I think *smile*

more is comming, have a look for it ;)

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Re: Elloën's Blog - A hunters Tale

Postby Elloën on Mon Dec 22, 2008 1:03 pm

"I hate birds" Elloën groaned as he spat blood on the silver sand.
three bloodrippers lay dead a few feet away acompanied by at least a dozen birdlike men.
Though Badly scarred, The battle was one of the easy, at least comparred to this...

Three giant birdmen with eyes black as the night came rushing in.
The first two slashed their wings at Elloën.
Bloody and hurt the elf was as fast as always, a few quick manouvres took them offtrack.
"Noctra Kill!!" The Night elf Yelled.
It wasn't long before one of the attackers was fully occupied by the sharp claws of noctra.
the shadowcat, was as fierce as ever, and kept raging on his prey.
the two others came closing in on Elloën, but he flung his trap, freezing one of them in place.
dodging the attacks, he made his killing blow on the birdman that was attacking noctra.

Two more, Elune give me strength...

Black stars erupted in front of Elloën's eyes. and pain exploded just above his right eye, his left knee,
and at least 3 of his left ribs.
more blood sprayed from his mouth and oozed from his wounds.
He expected the killing blow, and yet there came none..
slowly he got up and saw, his loyal companion, Noctra taunting the bird.
Yet this wasn't over.
the frozen fighter, defrosted and ran to Elloën at full speed.
with all his power Elloën Disengaged to safety, crippeling the attacker at the same time with a well placed shot.
Three arrows and one filled with ancient magic weren't enough to stop him.
Dodging a blow, Our hero decided to feign his death.

The raging madmen believed it and turned to face Noctra. comming to the aid of his comrade.

as Elloën got up he Aimed a shot at the scarred and mutilated man that was infront of Noctra.
A strong, wellplaced, lucky shot killed him first off.

"For The Spirit Blade!!!" "No Prisoners, DEATH to ALL!!!!" A Furious Elloën yelled.
Armor damaged, wounds oozing, legs trembeling, he started to fire in rapid succesion.
one by one the arrows hit the mark, doing unseen damage to the cackling birdman.
as the victim turned, Elloën came Charging Hellreaver in position.
the arakoa's eyes widened, as he saw the polearm fling forward, full power towards his head.

His eyes stayed open, even after decapitation.
even after the blood reached his face, that Elloën spat out.

"Dead to you all, Life for the spirit Blade..."
These were the words Elloën spoke before he passed out.
These were the words that would live forever...
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Re: Elloën's Blog - A hunters Tale

Postby Munguto on Mon Dec 22, 2008 8:05 pm

Wow really good, lots of action! The decapatated head is a nice touch :p

But a few things:

1) I would like to read something of Elloen outside of a game context - you have made great narrative and make sound exciting something which happens in game, but what are you doing the rest of the time? I would like to read what Elloen does in the evening, such as put on slippers, light a pipe and read the newspaper? :)

2) Elloen is a man? :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
*Munguto runs away screaming* (or does he? :D )

Elloen was the name of the cute but annoying girl-thief in Baldurs gate, I always assumed you were a lass even though you said you were a guy in real life lol :D

Ah well, I'm sure there is some other young unsuspecting night elf lass for Munguto to prey upon??
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Re: Elloën's Blog - A hunters Tale

Postby Elloën on Tue Dec 23, 2008 11:17 am

First off all,
thanks for the positive feedback Munguto :)
and yes he's a guy ;) :D

and here to please you: (i hope i did a good job on this one:) )
Special Thanks to Ariäni, 'cause i could use her name.
And of course to Ilmeja, my darling (and wife in real life)
lets get this show on the road:

"Finally Home,feels good after a hard day of killing" Elloën said,
patting Noctra's back.
Elloën's house is a small wooden one, in the middle of the
great woods of Teldrassil. Here he came home to his wife, Ilmeja,
to rest and forget about the corruption of the earth.

As he sat down on his rocking chair, someone knocked at the door.
Elloën opened his house as he saw Ariäni standing in front of it.
"Welcome Ariäni! It is been to long!"
- "Thank you, Sir, i hope i didn't come at a bad time?" Ariäni asked a bit shy.
"Not at all, come in, and please, this is between friends. No need for politics here."
Elloën Replied. Since Ariäni became a member of his guild, she always called him sir.
She seemed to forgot that they were friends, since the day, he found her half dead on Azuremist Isle.

As the darkness washed over, and night washed away the fading ligt, the stories of old were told.
"That was a close call" Ariäni said smiling "I miss that our adventure's" she added.
Elloën's smile faded "Yes indeed, but you are young and need to find your own place in this world."
"He put out his tobacco on the tray and continued, "You still have a lot to learn, and sadly i cannot help you with that"
-"I know" Ariäni responded "Oh well, at least we are a live" she added smiling.
"indeed, but if i want to stay alive, i will need to have some sleep."
-"Oh, i'm sorry i'll leave you be, The light be with you Ell."
"And Elune with you, Ari, keep safe."
And so Ariäni left Elloën, but Elloën's sleep came much later that night.
as he sat by the small living room fire, shirtless and smoking.
His thoughts travelled in the past, the pain of old deaths soared through his mind.
All the losses are a heavy burden...
"at least, Ilmeja eases it all, oh i love her."
"I hope she comes home soon" Elloën said Watching Noctra.
at this the giant cat only yawned.
Noctra could always make Elloën smile, he was happy with his daily meat, killing and laying in front of a nice hot fire.
He never thought about the friends they lost, or the people they killed. He was content if not happy.

"Good girl." Elloën smiled as he patted her back.
"I think it's time to find a dream"
and with these words our here fell asleep in his rocking chair.
Chaising unseen dreams untill the morning dawn.
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