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Postby Daugion on Tue Nov 18, 2008 7:39 pm

So here´s me...

So i'm Daugion (not my real name like you can quess), the Spirit Blade (member)
I'm 17(going on 18[it´s like the musical son :D ]), I living in Tartu,Estonia.
I'm over 194, with brown hair, weight..?? can i keep it to my self(its 80 dont tell anyone :roll: )
I learning in the 11 grade, and going to study IT in some years.
In my Free time, I to Parkour(yea make fun if you want, but try to keep up with me!), Play World of Warcraft(i just started again so lets see what happens).

Oh yea, the last thing ""what i stand for""?? I stand for kicking my estonian(my native language) teacher out of school. He´s mean :cry:

Oh yeah last thing i did not mention I´m a Dude!(just in case)
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